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Gov. Rauner Is Breaking Illinois

Gov. Rauner and His Friends are NOT Broke: So Why is Illinois?

Bruce Rauner is Breaking Illinois Budget

If Illinois cannot afford good public schools, a living-wage for its workers and healthcare - then how can Ken Griffin afford to donate over 10 million dollars to Gov. Rauner?

It seems Illinois billionaires will spare no expense when it comes to enacting an agenda that destroys unions, slashes services for the vulnerable, and turns over as many government assets to their friends for their profit.

Ken Griffin alone reported over $900 million in income in 2013 - much from using computer algorithms that trade stocks more quickly than humans. Chicago's entire pension liability for that year was less than $700 million. Yet we are constantly told to blame public workers' "greed" for our financial "crisis".

There would be no budget crisis in Illinois if the ultra-wealthy like Gov. Rauner just paid a fair-share of their taxes - instead of legally bribing political cronies to make themselves even wealthier.

We are told people like Gov. Rauner (worth an estimated $500 million dollars) would leave Illinois if their taxes were raised. But what about the rest of us?

Illinois lost more residents than any other state in 2016, largely because of the disfunction Gov Rauner has brought to Springfield. Although he would like to blame it on teacher and firefighter unions instead.

Illinois is one of only 8 states that has a flat-tax. A billionaire like Griffin will pay the same tax-rate on his income as you. And they don't care how many families are forced to move, unions they have to blame, and social-services cut to keep their tax-rate the same.

Bruce Rauner is Breaking Illinois Budget

We Need Progressive Taxation - Not Excuses

Everything is Upside Down in Gov. Rauner's Illinois

Illinois is NOT poor. Just ask Ken Griffin or Gov. Rauner.  Our budget would not be "broke" if they just paid a progressive income tax. Instead, they're spending millions upon millions of dollars to break unions, sell off public assets for profit, and gut public education.

Think about it - there is NOTHING radical about demanding we live in a state where people who work full-time are paid fairly or those in need of mental health-services are not turned away.

More than ever, Illinois needs progressive taxation - those reaping the greatest rewards from our society need to be paying their share.  The rest of us cannot even afford to live here otherwise.

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